Dementia in Older Adults


Watch the Alzheimer's Association: Mild Cognitive Impairment Research video to understand the range of cognitive impairments, mild cognitive impairment (MCI), and the importance of distinguishing among the various dementias that can occur with aging.


This week, your task is to write a paper that examines dementia in older adults and explores the challenges it might present to their caregivers.

In your paper, you will need to address the following:

  • Identify the top five key components (such as assessment, diagnosis, treatment, research, ethics, diversity, family support, or community resources) that you believe are most important to work effectively with older adults who have a dementia.
  • Address several concerns that may arise when working with older adults who have dementia.
  • Make recommendations to older adults, caregivers, and family members regarding older adults who have cognitive impairments, such as dementia, and explain how caregivers must adapt their strategies to ensure that they are adequately meeting the needs of the elderly.

Support your paper with at least five resources from peer-reviewed journals.

Length: 5-7 pages