BM: 3102 Entrepreneurship

BM: 3102 Entrepreneurship

Assignment Brief

CourseAdvanced Diploma in Business Management  (Level 5)
Unit NameEntrepreneurship
Unit CodeBM : 3102
Type of AssessmentIndividual Written Report
Total Mark100
% weighting of final unit grade30%
Size or length of assessment2,500 words
Submission Date27 August 2021 ( 5:00 PM)
Learning OutcomesDemonstrate the following knowledge and understanding Use a critical understanding of the concepts, theories and models that underpin entrepreneurship and new business start-up in different contexts.Examine the role and importance of entrepreneurship for economic development. Demonstrate the following skills and abilities Compare on different forms of entrepreneurial behaviour including approaches to teamwork, communication, creativity, innovation, risk-taking and social/ethical responsibility in both the public and private sectors..Organise the skills and aptitudes associated with entrepreneurship and the new venture creation process.

Submission Instructions

Coursework must be submitted through and †as per specified date and time above. Late work is unacceptable and will be given a Ď0í mark without any consideration.

Assessment Detail

Individual Report

Report Specifications

The report should have a professional format (e.g. title page, table of content, headings and sub-headings, introduction and conclusion, reference list, etc.).

Pages must be numbered and a professional standard of presentation regarding fontís size, etc. must be maintained throughout.

The word limit is 2,500 words excluding cover page and references in the Reference List. Your cover page must have your full name and ID number.

Referencing: Harvard Referencing

Length: 3,000 words (+/- 10%) (Excluding references and appendices)

Submission Format: Individual (Submit one electronic copy to and

Due Date: 27.8.2021 (5:00 PM)


  • The report should have a title comprised of your name, student number, and title of report.
    • The report should be 1.5 line-spaced, 12 point fonts, Times New Roman.
    • Each page should be numbered except cover page.

You need to consider the formative feedback received to produce a written report covering the following areas individually:

1.         Introduction: Needs to cover the following points: Entrepreneur name, Industry, Description of the company, Product/Services offered, Overview of the report.

2.         Entrepreneur Profile:

This includes the following components:

  • Name, age ,gender, ethnicity race and origin of entrepreneur
  • Parentís background
  • How he or she started the business
  • The factors that influence to the creation of his/her business
  • Entrepreneurial characteristics that he or she possess

3.         Discussion and Analysis:

Before starting the venture

  • Intention of being entrepreneur (about age)
  • Role model (s) of an entrepreneur
  • Primary motivation of entrepreneur to start venture
  • The ideas that generated to the creation of his/her business
  • Working experiences and competencies of an entrepreneur
  • Resources available before starting the venture

After starting the venture

  • Core products and services
    • Target markets of the business
    • Value proposition of the business
    • Entrepreneurís traits and his/her strategies on the business
    • Issues and challenges faced at early stage of the business
  • Integrated ethic and socially responsible practices into his or her start-up venture

4.         Conclusion

  • Impact and contribution of the business on local community
    • Agent of change
    • Lessons learned from entrepreneurship of an entrepreneur

Assignment Rubrics

   Outstanding (70% and Above)Excellent (60- 69%)Good (50-59%)Satisfactory (40- 49%)Poor (0-39%)
1. Explore the profile of entrepreneur :  Fully demonstrated the profile of entrepreneur. .  The report covers all relevant factors of entrepreneur.    Generally demonstrated on the profile factors of entrepreneur.    Few demonstrated on the profile of entrepreneur.No or very little demonstrate on the profile of entrepreneur.    
2. Application of course concepts, theories , and academic models on discussion and analysis : Best interpretation and application of theory, concepts and academic models.Covers all relevant concepts, theories, and academic models in depth . The student is able to appropriately apply essential knowledge of course concepts and theories on discussion and analysis.Students can use some course concepts and can attempt a reasonably coherent argument but few mistakes are made.No or inappropriate application of course concepts and theories in discussion and analysis.  
3. Writing style and organization : Well-structured arguments with good design of the sections with good flow of ideas. No or very little spelling or grammatical errors. The paper is very clear writing.  Paper is reasonably organized and most of the argument is easy to follow. There are only a few spelling or grammatical errors. Writing is mostly clear but may lack conciseness.  Fair structure and design. Paper is generally organized with proper writing style. There is a few spelling or grammatical errors.  Writing is not clear and lacks conciseness. There is some spelling or grammatical errors.  Paper is poorly organized and difficult to read. There are many spelling and/or grammatical errors. Writing lacks clarity and conciseness.