Ecology of the Deep Scattering Layer (DSL)

Oceanography Culminating Assessment Project (CAP) Overview:

The deliverable materials for your CAP will include a research abstract (250-300 words)

In order to properly complete your CAP research assignment, you should utilize as many resources as possible -- like any good scientist would! At minimum, your sources must include no less than three peer-reviewed articles. Some academic databases you might find useful for retrieving peer-reviewed scientific literature include the following (note: this list is not exhaustive, of course):



  Google Scholar




Citation Style

All peer-reviewed references should be cited on the final slide of your presentation in the style of the Geological Society of America (click link for GSA style guide). Please be sure to cite your references properly based on the style of the source (journal article, book chapter, etc.). Numerous examples are provided in the GSA style guide

Important links:

GSA Reference Guidelines and Examples : MUST CITE LIKE THIS