Company Analysis

Prepare an analysis about a company, industry, or person that has faced or currently faces a crisis (or that is grappling with an issue which threatens to become a crisis.) Include the following components:

1) analyze the underlying causation

2) a stakeholder analysis - Your stakeholder analysis should be in the form of a graphic presentation and must be something you can present to an audience. There are many different styles of graphics and tables that can relay the information needed for this assignment. Conduct a simple Internet search to find something you feel will clearly depict your data.

3) review what the organization, person, or industry did in response

4) evaluate its effectiveness and determine whether other approaches might have been taken. The body of the report must be at least 1000 words in length, EXCLUDING graphics, words contained in the presentation, tables, and the title and reference pages. The Southworth Library Electronic databases contain a large amount of information that can assist you in researching the information needed in this project. At least five

5) references are required and should be provided in APA format.


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List any reference material in APA format. Use to assist you in the formatting process. Follow any length requirements listed in the assignment.

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