Narrative & Multicultural Therapies


?first, please review the uploaded materials, Feminist Multicultural Counseling.pdf and Narrative & Multicultural Therapies_Slides_4.13.pptx?

Please create a brief (3-4 sentence) clinical example of a client that you believe to be a good fit for a narrative and/or feminist multicultural approach to therapy. In your example, please do not explain your reasons why you believe these approaches would be a good fit. Instead, just describe the case example in sufficient detail (e.g., describe the client, client's presenting concerns and/or goals for therapy, any relevant background information).


Then, please respond to at least two other posts, commenting by identifying at least one way in which narrative and/or feminist multicultural therapy could be beneficial for the client in that case example.

post A: Jessica is a single mother living for the first time without her only daughter. Her daughter recently has gone away to college and Jessica is having a hard time staying busy. She feels like she has no purpose anymore and finds herself having a lot of free time in which she does not know what to do other than dwell on her daughter not being home. She has explained that being her daughter's mother was her only identity for so long. Her feelings of loneliness and lack of purpose in life have led her to therapy where she hopes to find her true passion and purpose in life.

Post B: Alicia is a 23 year old woman who recently ended her relationship of 5 years with her boyfriend. She is having difficulty finding what exactly went wrong because they were seemingly happy before things took a turn. Now, she feels like her life is meaningless without her (ex) boyfriend because she feels that she lost a part of herself. She is hoping that therapy will help her come to terms with her failed relationship and to reclaim her sense of self.