Discussion #2 Reflect and Respond

Taking a break from our day-to-day work responsibilities is so important for all of us, not just the entrepreneurs. But for the entrepreneur who is "everything" for his or her startup, that may not happen so easily. There is always something else to do for the company, and work can easily become life. Please watch the following videos and afterwards, I would like you to discuss your own work-life balance now. Assess whether or not there is a balance. What do you do to achieve it? Be specific. How/what might you change in order to achieve a better work-life balance? Video

1: Balancing Your Life and Your Career Successfully, with Randy Komisar of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers [7 mins] Video

2: Work-Life Balance for Driven People, with Dominic Orr of Aruba Networks [3 mins] https://ecorner.stanford.edu/videos/work-life-balance-for-driven-people/ You are expected to participate twice per week (on separate dates) in each discussion. Please do not post before the opening date of the discussion. Any posts made either before the opening or after the closing dates (found on the Course Schedule) will not be accepted.

You are expected to include one main post, and a minimum of two responses to your classmates' main posts. You will also need to monitor the responses you get on your main post in order to answer any questions or provide clarification. Your initial posting should be 150-200 words. Please review the Evaluation Criteria for Discussions.