Social Justice Movements

Take some time to quickly review the list of social justice movements. Note - this is capturing large-scale milestones of different movements up to 2011; it does not catch everything in the movement nor does it include all movements! This particular document gives you an example of what a social movement looks like. You will notice in the list that the movements are titled in dark orange arrows (Labor Movement, Womenís Movement, Anti-War Movement, etc.) with supporting events and even legislative changes due to the movements. Again, there are many movements not included on that list such as Immigration Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter, American Indian Movement, and many other national and international movements. Select one movement to examine with the perspectives from weeks 1 and 2. What you will notice is that movements are made up of several events and actions. Make sure to select a movement and not just a single event or action. For this discussion, you will need to create a quick slide presentation (Google Slides, Powerpoint, Prezi, etc.) that is under 10 slides OR a brief (1-page maximum) paper that:

1. Briefly describes the movement you selected

2. Briefly discusses the relationship between the movement you selected and social inequities

3. Analyzes your movement with the social justice approaches from week 1 and makes sure to explain the movementís evolution of and through the three levels: individual, organizational, and societal. Make sure to use clear and specific examples. You do not need to categorize EVERY aspect of the movement, but make sure that you have a couple of examples for each approach.

4. For this assignment, make sure to include an APA reference slide or page. Please see the examples at the bottom of Champlain's Citation guide for assistance.

Then, you will create one question for your classmates to answer that relates to your movement. It could be a question you have been asking yourself or one that gets at their perspective of your movement. If you choose a paper, please refer to the Style Sheetfor a simple set of formatting requirements.

Make sure your last name is in the file and in the header of the paper. Given that this presentation is for an informal discussion assignment, citing direct quotations and paraphrased material with individual in-text citations is not necessary. However, it is important to keep in mind that assignments in other courses will require in-text citation of any content taken from outside sources. In your follow-up posts, aim to respond to some of the comments/feedback you get and to respond to at least two of your classmatesí presentations.

Make sure to craft quality follow-up posts that answer the questions your classmates are asking and also offer insight, ideas, additional resources or questions, etc.