Art History: Biographies

Find an object, that made of carved lacquer, this is a Chinese craft. the link I show your is an example, you can find another object, but the craft must be carved lacquer. Also, I do find some research that may help you. The ruble for this work

1. Your conference draft paper has one purpose and one purpose only: you have to present the core of your argument in a concise and coherent manner. You will be graded on the clarity of your ideas.

2. You can think of it this way: in any public presentation, you are expected to present your arguments in a polished, coherent, interesting and time-sensitive manner. You have to be persuasive and retain the attention of your audience. To accomplish that task, you're always better off having written a draft of your ideas and arguments, whether you intend to read from the written page or speak directly from memory.

The final version of your conference paper that forms the basis of your presentation should ideally reflect the clear and concentrated version of your thoughts and arguments.

The draft version of your conference paper allows me to tell you if your final presentation: - needs to be further condensed/expanded/focused - needs to be more persuasive - needs to include more examples - needs attention to writing style/grammar this is the link