The Product of Social Media and Lack of Online Privacy

Discuss how social media is not the product but rather us as social media users are the product because social media sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. all collect our data and sell that data which makes them money.

Thus these platforms are free and we are the marketing products that result in their profits from selling our data and marketing. How many users do these platforms have and how much is a single users data work? What is data scraping and leaking? And is this data ever truly deleted? Then use this information to caveat into online privacy and does it actually exist (which is does not) and how are we and our data exposed.

Use the online financial and banking systems to give examples of how we have no privacy and how are financial records and information are all subject to being stolen. How does this impact us as individuals and the banking institutions. Then give a wrap up of users being the product for social media and privacy concerns.

Must be 7 pages with a title page and reference page for 9 pages total. Use these as 3 references along with 3 other references: and the book Future Crimes Inside the Digital Underground and the Battle for our Connected World by Marc Goodman and Chapter 4 in the book Ethics in Information Technology Sixth Edition by George Reynolds