Information Literacy Assignment

BHSC 226

Social Science Research:

1.        Read the full article and write a short summary of the article 1-2 paragraphs addressing

all of the below, but please note this should be in paragraph format:

a.     What was the topic of the study? (1 sentence)

b.     What methods did they use? (1-2 sentences)

c.     What are the article’s major conclusions/findings, in your own words (2-5 sentences) ***do not copy sentences/phrases from the article or abstract

d.     What were the limitations of the study? (1-2 sentences)

2.         Find four more peer-reviewed, academic journal articles that you plan to use.

(hint: if you’re having trouble, look at the citations from one really good article, they’ll have additional articles to point you to)

3.         Include the citations for all five articles (the one you summarized and the additional four. Whatever format you’d like to use is fine, just remain consistent. APA, ASA, MLA. Citations must be in alphabetical order by author’s last name. See the OWL Purdue Citation Guide in the folder for more assistance.