A&B: Features contributing to the success of contrasting businesses

A&B: Features contributing to the success of contrasting businesses

Tasks before write up:

  • -Pick two contrasting organisations (one charity and one profitable business)
  • -Complete research on features of both businesses
  • -When you have finished research, create a separate word document for your write up
  • -Title (Features contributing to the success of contrasting businesses)
  • -Add header to word document with page number on left and your full name on right

Starting the write up:

You should include a definition at the beginning, for example if you are going to talk about what scope the business is, define scope before you write anything else



  • 1)Introduction
  • -A brief paragraph on each organisation to introduce your report.
  • -What do they do?
  • -What do they sell?
  • -What is their USP (unique selling point) 
  • 2)Ownership and liability
  • -What is the ownership of the business and charity?
  • (Your charity is likely to be a not-for-profit organisation) (Your business is likely to be a PLC)
  • -What does this ownership mean? Any advantages and disadvantages? How many owners? Are shares traded on the stock exchange? Is it incorporated or unincorporated? Limited liability or unlimited liability? And what does this mean? Give definitions of these terms as you talk about them.
  • 3)Purpose and sector

Why does the business exist? Selling goods and/or services? B2B/ B2C? What about the charity? Talk about the difference

What sector are they in?

a) Either Private, Public or not for profit AND

 B) Primary and/or Secondary and/or Tertiary and/or Quaternary

Give definitions throughout

  • 4)Scope and size
  • What is the scope? Local, national or international? How do we know? Where do they operate? Talk about involvement in the UK or other countries in detail
  • What is the size of the business? How do you know this? 
  • P2
  • 5)Stakeholders

Who are the stakeholders of these organisations? Which of these are internal and which are external? What influence do they have on business success? For a pass you need to explain in depth how each of these stakeholders influences the organisations, their success, and what they do.


  • 6)Relationship and communication with stakeholders
  • What type of relationship do the business have with these stakeholders (refer to stakeholder mapping here)? What influences this relationship- interest V power?
  • How do the business and charity communicate with their different stakeholders? Communication, consultation? And which methods, see PowerPoint slides for communication techniques

P3 & M2 

  • 7)Organisational structure and functions contributing to success
  • What are the organisational structures? Matrix, hierarchy etc
  • What are the functions within the business? Eg HR, Marketing, Finance, Sales, Research
  • You must say how you think these help the business and charity achieve their success in order to get a merit.
  • P3 & M2

    • 8)Aims and objectives
  • What is the mission, vision, values and ‘ethos’ of the business?
    What are the aims and objectives? The objectives might be ‘SMART’ and should be more precise and detailed.
    You must analyse HOW the business achieves their objectives and how these contribute to their success. 
    • D1
    • 9)Reasons for success
  • This crucial area will help you get lots of evaluation marks so is very important. You need a section including research, aim for a couple of pages on:
    Possible reasons for success – these include unique products, good staff, great service, strong finances etc etc etc.
    The key is to weigh-up how the business achieves success, whether they are successful overall or not, any longer-term issues etc.