Art Museum

Instructions for Museum/ Gallery tour: Just write about one piece of artwork.

You must answer questions Part 1-Part IV below for this assignment. 

For the paper, just answer the 4 questions about a work of art.

That is all you need to do!

Questions to consider: 

Where is, or was the show held: What is the name of the museum or gallery? What is the name of the show? Was it a solo show or group show? Was there a theme for the show e.g.: If a solo show, did the show focus on one aspect of an artist's work or give an overview of the person's career? If a group show, was there a theme that pulled the various works together? 

Give an overview of the show: Was there a variety of works using different media such as sculpture, drawing, painting? What types of paint was used e.g.: watercolor, oil, acrylic?

The artwork you choose should be from the year 1850 or more recent in age (1850-present).

Part I: Identification

If an image is available, attach one to the top of your selection. Identify the artwork by title, date, medium and artist. The medium refers to what the artist used to create the image, such as photographs, paint on canvas or pencil on paper, or even sculpture, etc.

Part II: Description

Describe your selection in terms of color, size, and scale. Discuss the material that your selection is made of. You may choose to include a description of similar work such as a comparison to other work the artist created or a similar subject or theme.

Part III: Response

Respond to the work. What does it remind you of, why did you choose to write about this particular work.  What intellectual, emotional, spiritual feelings does the work evoke?

Part IV: Conclusion

Come to a resolution. Is this work a success or failure based on the intent of the artist and or your response to the work? How could the work have been made better? What in your opinion are the good parts of the work, what are the weaker aspects of the work?