Financial Institutions Banking Paper Instructions Spring 2022

1. Describe in your own words the History of Banking in the United States. Address the following:             * The National Banking Act of 1863.

                        * The ‘dual-banking’ system.

                        * The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933.

                        * The establishment of the FDIC, including the risks and benefits of deposit                                                  insurance.

                        * Consolidation of the banking industry in modern times.

                        * The passage of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act.

                        * The current state of the banking industry in the United States (several issues                                               may be considered here, including the FDIC Statistics at a glance

                                    and/or the FDIC historical trends at

                                    or other sources where current information on the industry is provided.

2. Describe the work of the Oklahoma State Banking Department. See . Consider the information provide in the About tab, then go to the Annual Reports tab, then select the 2021 Annual Report. Provide a summary of the 2021 Annual Report.

The completed paper should meet the following requirements to earn full credit.

            i. double-spaced

            ii. 1” margins

            iii. 12 pt. Times New Roman font

            iv. Include a Cover Page

            v. Include a Table of Contents page with page numbers for each part/section

            vi. Include sub-headings to match each item in the Table of Contents

            vii. Include 5-8 pages for the body of the paper (in addition to the Cover Page, Table of

                  Contents, and References Page.

            viii. Include a References Page

            ix. Include In-text citations

            x. Limit quotes to 5% of the total paper (and include citations for every quote).

            xi. Remove all extra space between headings/paragraphs/sections.

            xii. Include page numbers

Evaluation: This paper is worth 50 points. 70% of the grade will be based on the content. 30% will be based on properly following the format requirements.

Plagiarized content will result in a grade penalty that may be a few points on the assignment up to a “0” for the assignment plus the loss of a full letter grade in the class. The grade penalty for plagiarism is at the discretion of the professor.

Papers that are very well done, as determined by the professor, may receive up to an additional 10 BONUS points.