Gender Research Paper

Research Paper (15%)

Students will be required to write a 5 page (100 lines of text) paper on one of the following topics that relates to the Sociology of Gender. APA style is required and students are expected to use a minimum of 3 peer-reviewed journals from a Sociology database for their research and one current news source from the past 5 years (eg. New York Times, Washington Post, CNN).  The news source must be submitted along with the paper and should be the springboard for the paper topic.

This list is meant to give you some ideas about topics for a research paper. It is not meant to be exhaustive. These topics are very broad and you will have to narrow the topic you choose considerably.

Media representations of gender

History of feminism

Gender wage gap

Gender role socialization

Reproductive rights

Commercial Sex (prostitution and pornography)

Range of human sexuality (Heterosexuality, Lesbian/Gay, Bisexuality, Asexuality)

Homophobia and Gender

Gender and sports

 Eating disorders (from a gender and society perspective)

 Sexual assault

 Gender in the classroom

Gender and toys – analyzing childhood play

Marriage – division of labor, name change, age of marriage, purpose of marriage

Cognitive differences between men and women

Non-verbal communication and gender

Verbal communication and gender

Sex segregated careers

Sexual dysfunction and gender

Gender and the English language

Women in the military

Single Sex schools


Transgender Issues


The following questions should be addressed:

  • What are the origins/historical background of this issue
  • What are the current issues/debate related to this issue
  • What are some ways that these issues can be resolved




Grading Rubric (20 points)



Relevant Topic                                                  2 points

Comprehensive focus                                    3 points

Answering Questions                                     3 points

Page Length                                                       2 points

Appropriate sources                                       2 points

Spelling and Grammar                                   2 points

APA format                                                        1 points