Unit 1: Reading Comprehension and Everyday Texts

Lesson 2: Reading for the College-bound student

Content 1

Learning Goals: In this lesson you will learn about comparing and contrasting related texts and you will be introduced to a graphic organizer called a Venn Diagram. You will also learn how to compose an effective email. You will apply the concepts in this lesson to a task that might help you in the near future—researching college programs. Lastly, you will reflect on whether the reading strategy presented in this lesson helped you find meaning in the texts.

Compare and Contrast

The reading strategy known as “compare and contrast” is self-explanatory. Exploring the similarities and differences between related texts helps a reader to understand them better. 

A graphic organizer called a Venn Diagram allows you to organize information you are comparing and contrasting in a visually appealing way. A Venn Diagram is made up of two overlapping circles. Where the circles overlap, you write shared characteristics (things that are the same). In the circles to the left and right, you list features that are specific to each object (things that are different).

Most—if not all—college-bound students will research their programs of interest on the Internet. It is imperative that a college website has up-to-date, relevant information and be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and easy to read. It is common for students to apply to many programs in order to improve their chance of being accepted or because they are indecisive. In the next assignment you are going to practice the reading strategy of comparing and contrasting using two Ontario college websites.

Assignment 1: Compare College Programs (Formative)

Complete the following assignment and submit your work to the dropbox.

Before you upload your file, ensure your file is named according to the format provided by your teacher.

Select a program you are interested in and compare the features of the program at two Ontario colleges. Compare the programs based on the following criteria: Program Location(s), Program Length, Career Opportunities, Admission Requirements (plus additional program-specific requirements), Fees (plus additional program-related costs), and any Special Features. Use  only the college websites to collect your information. You may use a chart to record information or headings with point form notes underneath.
See the example below.
Next, display the information in a Venn Diagram with a minimum of three similarities between the two programs: three features specific to the first program, and three features specific to the second program. You can create your Venn Diagram by hand (then take a picture of it to upload into your assignment document).  Or, use a software program of your choice to create the diagram, again remembering to put an image of the final version into your assignment document.  Lucidcharts, Jamboard, Google Draw are all free with your student Google account; find them in the waffle menu within your account.
To find a list of all colleges in Ontario, visit  www.ontariocolleges.ca  and click on
"Colleges > Choose a College." To see all the colleges that offer a certain program, click on “Programs.”
Submit the point form notes/chart and the Venn Diagram to your teacher.
Click  here to view and download an example.

NOTE: Please combine assignments 1-3 for this lesson into one document when submitting to the dropbox.