Ethics & Biotechnology

Ethics & Biotechnology        30 pts

Article hyperlink

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Paragraph summary of biotechnology involved:

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Ethical implications:

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Defend your opinions regarding use of technology:

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Annotated article

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1. Find an article involving a DNA technology which also deals with the ethical implications of that technology (secondary or primary literature).

Examples of DNA technology:

Cloning of organisms/human, creation of transgenic organisms (ex. genetically modifying plants/animals for food), genetically modifying humans to treat disease, genetically modifying humans to enhance abilities, IVF embryo selection to avoid disease genes,  IVF embryo selection to choose desired genes, inserting genes into wild populations to drive them to extinction (gene drive to eliminate malaria vector mosquitoes), DNA profiling all citizens convicted of any crime, DNA profiling of all citizens…


2. Read and thoughtfully annotate the article focusing on:

          DNA technology methods

          Ethical issues involved

3. Article Summary

          Summarize the basic biotechnology involved: how is DNA manipulated, what

are sources of DNA, how is function of DNA changed by manipulation...

          Summarize in your own words the ethical implications of the technology.

          Describe your own feelings regarding the ethics involved.