RELI 2310A-The Qur’an: An Introduction

Part I: /20

Drawing  on  the  lectures  and  assigned  materials,  answer  the  following  question. Answers must be descriptive and analytical.

1.       How did the Quran’s message radically alter the ethical and religious worldview of the pre-Islamic Arabs?

Part II: /20

Drawing on the lectures and assigned materials, answer ONE of the following questions. Answers must be descriptive and analytical.

1.       Describe the Quran’s structure and content, as well as the process whereby it was revealed. Having done that,  discuss the various scholarly theories  surrounding the Quran’s compilation.

2.       Offer an account of the Quran’s depiction of the end of time and the afterlife.

3.       Recount the story of Joseph as told in Q 12, paying particular  attention to the various Muslim interpretations of its most salient features.