Grant Activity Assignment

Grant Activity Assignment

Background: External funding in the form of grants or contracts is essential for sectors in recreation and sport. Grants and contacts help professionals generate funding that aids in the completion of projects, conduct of research, etc. Three primary funding opportunities are Research Grants, Service Grants, and Contracts. The following table outlines examples of differences in the funding orientations of each:

Research Grant
Service Grant


A researcher receives funding to study the long-

term effects of performance-enhancing

drugs on college athletes.

A team of experts receives funding to implement a

drug-free campus program.

A state education department sponsors experts

to present a series of workshops to high school

athletes regarding the detriments of drug use.

A city recreation director receives funding to assess

community interest in establishing a skate park.

A city recreation department receives state

and federal funding to build a skate park.

A city hires an expert to select a site for a skate park

and to design the venue around the site’s natural


A researcher receives

funding to determine which of a series of sports gear advertisements are best received by a focus group.

A market analyst receives

funding to select appropriate consumer markets and manage a rollout of sports gear advertisements.

A sports gear manufacturer

hires an assessment team to monitor consumers’ responses to sports gear ads.

Source:   Cuneen, J. & Tobar, D. (2015). Sport industry research & analysis: An approach to informed decision making. Scottsdale, AZ: Holcomb Hathaway.

Assignment: There are three components to this assignment: 1) find a prospective grant and funding agency that is security-related; 2) provide an executive summary that details the description of the grant, deadline to apply, funding source, size of the grant, application instructions, and why you feel this is a worthwhile grant/contract to pursue; and 3) attach the official application.

Format and Directions:

•   Submit using Word, Times New Roman, 12-point font; double-spaced

•    Format the executive summary in an organized, clear manner. Use headings, bold, etc. One long essay-style paragraph is not acceptable.

•   Submit on the course site by11:59pm (CST) on April 17th.