BIM in Construction Operations 2021/22

BIM in Construction Operations 2021/22

Individual written report (Component B)


A unified, coordinated building model rich in information can increase the automation of existing construction operations and introduce new working patterns and production processes. BIM systems are increasingly impacting and, to a certain extent, transforming every aspect of construction operations, from more reliable and responsive designs to tendering and estimating, as well as measuring project performance.

Collaborative BIM is being embraced to produce improved project outcomes, including quality, error‐free information, enhanced project schedules and cost certainty, reduced requests for information, risks and waste, and shortened lead times.

In this report, you are expected to examine BIM-enabled solutions that can address the challenges the construction industry is facing in the construction stage by exploring innovative approaches that address THREE topics of your preference:

• Enhancing construction site management, including safety logistics.

• Improving project schedules and cost certainty.

• Automating on-site data collection and its implications on material management, installation and maintenance.

• Synchronising the ‘virtual’ BIM models with the ‘physical’ construction sites and buildings.

• Improving the identification and dealing with cross‐discipline interferences (clashes).

• Automating design to manufacturing processes and prefabrication.

• Sustainability in construction and the reduction of waste.

You must consider the exact wording of the list above when developing the content of your report. That is important to ensure you cover all the aspects required in your selected topics.

The focus of this module and this assignment is the construction phase (i.e., construction planning and construction operations). Hence, the discussion on the selected topics must focus on construction aspects. You might need to refer to other stages of a project’s life cycle in topics that require you to do so, but the discussion must be around the construction

BIM in Construction Operations 2021/22

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The report should be suitable for dissemination to senior management in terms of presentation format and standard of expression.

Your sources must be cited in the text following the UWE Harvard Referencing Standard.

• Word limit and format: 2,500 words (-/+10% margin allowed) in PDF format via Blackboard. The word count includes the main content of the report, from the Introduction to the Conclusions. Sections such as the Table of contents, Executive summary, and list of references are not included.

• Submission: Friday the 15th of April 2022 at 12:00.