Theory Applications Assignment

Theory Applications Assignment

DUE: before class (by 2pm) via UBLearns on April 25

What you need:

•     The Crime Report Newsletter, from the previous week (see email newsletter, articles will also be posted on UBLearns)

•   Class notes and readings from the theory section

•   Access to a computer to write up and submit your response.


This assignment is intended to be 2-3 pages double spaced, and asks you to identify an article from the crime report (Part 1), and explain how a theory covered in class applies to the article you selected (Part 2). Grading will be conducted using the attached rubric. An A grade will be strong in most categories. Work that is strong in some categories but needs development in others will receive a B; a grade of C reflects need for development in most categories; D work is typically unsatisfactory in several categories; and F work, unsatisfactory in nearly all.

•     Part 1: Pick an article to read from the Crime Report Newsletter that came out two-weeks before the assignment. Read the article thoroughly. In your own words, summarize what kind of crime or criminology issue is covered in the article, who are the key individuals or agencies involved, and what are the key issues the article raises. Provide a link to the article, the title of the article, the date it showed up in the crime report, and the author of the article above your summary.  Be careful not to plagiarize the article, and please reach out to the professor or TA if you have questions.


“Elder Abuse: When Victims Balk, Should Prosecutors Press Charges?”

TCR Staff, September 4th Crime Report

•     Part 2: Using lecture notes and the textbook readings, connect this article to a criminological theory covered in class (or in the assigned readings) since we started the theory section of the course. A list of the theories we’ve covered is posted on UBLearns to help you pick. For example, the article you pick may reflect or be a good example of a certain theoretical perspective, be solved or addressed using a policy approach suggested by a certain theory, show a problem with a certain theoretical approach, reflect how law enforcement or policymakers use a certain theory, or focus on a certain typologies of criminal or criminal behavior.

As noted in the rubric, a good answer will include 1. A clear description of the theory you are using, 2. a clear discussion of how the theory connects to the issue in the article you read, and 3.

consideration of other theories that may be relevant to the issue even if not discussed in the article itself.  In your response, clearly state, bold, and underline  the primary theory you are discussing.

Note: I am not looking for you to solve problems or come up with the perfect theoretical explanation, but rather to think through how different theories apply to current real-world issues in criminology. There aren’t clear right or wrong answers, just more or less applicable theories, and don’t be concerned if your classmates apply a different theory to the same article!


Turn your assignment in through UBLearns. Before you do, double-check that it has all of the following:

•   Your name

•   The article properly identified (see above)

•   The theory bolded and underlined

•   You have run spellcheck and proofread your assignment

•   You have double checked the grading rubric

•   You are uploading the most recent/correct version

Be ready to talk about it in class on April 25.