CIS250-30 Advance Excel

Formatting your Excel spreadsheets to make them look professional is important when making data useful to the general public. You learned in this unit how to create a professionally formatted worksheet by applying a cell style, merging and centering data, changing cell alignments, and using borders, fonts, and colors to make data stand out so that it is easier to find and analyze. You also learned how to apply number formats and increase or decrease decimal places. After reading the article, Childress, A. (2018, January 3). How to format your excel spreadsheets (complete guide). Envatotutsplus., and Chapter 1 of your text, please respond to the following:

Please download and review the Unformatted_ Proximity Bus Complete.xlsx worksheet.

  1. Please discuss why you would want to format this worksheet.
  2. Choose and discuss three of the formatting tips outlined in the article you feel are most important.
  3. Why are these three tips most important to you?
  4. Apply three tips to the worksheet.
  5. Upload your formatted worksheet to your discussion post.

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