Writing III Essay 3 Assignment

Writing III Essay 3 Assignment

Write an argument essay on a topic of your choice. You can write about a topic that interests you or that you are studying in another class. Use the COD library and database resources to find at least three articles or books to use in your essay. Your sources can be web or print, but they MUST BE academic sources approved by the teacher (articles from the COD database, not Wikipedia or Google).

Your essay should have a clear argument as its thesis. It should be 500-800 words, double-spaced, five paragraphs with each paragraph indented. A counterargument and refutation are optional, but you must have three distinct body paragraphs with separate supporting points.

Here is a link to the COD library databases: https://www.codlrc.org/databases

Select a topic, then select one of the databases and type in key words about the topic you are researching. Be sure to check “Full Text” and “Peer Reviewed.” Skim articles until you find three that will work well with your argument.

Essay topic : 

-Abortion should (not) be legal.