Movie Case

The case should be written in a scholarly manner from a third person perspective, not first person (except for the epilogue). You are an observer, creating a record of events. Your opinions are not to be added, only scholarly citing of comparative or contrasting evidence of ethics and leadership. Be sure to cite either text when using direct quotes or explanatory support that is exact.

Your case study should BRIEFLY identify the following:

Brief introduction that generalizes the leadership and moral implications of the story. Very briefly give the plot line and what details support the moral theme included in the story.

Identify the context of the story (where, when located).

Identify the characters and their relationship to leading. (There should be multiple characters identified). You may use a list format for this section if you prefer.

The following must represent the bulk of your paper:

Give specific details of leadership and ethical light or shadows-

Process information (how were elements we have used in class applied?)

Leader attributes (what characteristics were apparent or attributed to the leader?)

Were there strategies, skills, manipulations that were of particular significance?

Was there any normative model we may have discussed that came to mind?

How was that portrayed?

What made this case unique?

Finally, describe how your understanding of Supervisory leadership and ethical shadows helped you to identify the elements you describe. This portion of the paper is like the epilogue and may be written in first person and should also include opinion.