Mirrors and Lenses

Spherical mirrors and thin lenses


In this simulation, we study the properties of spherical mirrors and thin lenses.


Please read pp. 1000-1020, College Physics, Openstax. The same material will be covered in the introduction.

Key words

Focal point, focal length, object distance, image distance, real/virtual image, magnification, mirror/thin lens equation.

Lab activities

1.   Watch this video to learn the experiment procedure.

2.   Complete the calculation by using the raw data provided in the excel file.

3.   Write your lab report.

In your report, you must summarize the ray-diagram method (a key concept of geometric optics) with diagrams.

(Find the "rules" in the above link, for example, look at https://openstax.org/ books/college-physics/pages/25-6-image-formation-by-lenses#import-auto- id2631957)