Final Paper Anthropology 100: Cultural Anthropology

Final Paper Anthropology 100: Cultural Anthropology

Spring 2022

Due Date: Please upload your paper to Canvas before Midnight on Thursday, May 12th. Points: 100 (20% of total grade).

Format: submit your paper in a Word, or similar, document with your name, at the top of every page. Please number your pages. The paper should be written in a standard 12-point font with one-inch margins and double spaced.

Length: The paper should be a minimum of 4-5 well-written double-space pages. Essay Question and Content:

Throughout this course we have encountered how culture is dynamic, changing through the tensions of conformity and conflict, structure and agency, and biology and culture. In your paper I want you to:

Explore how the Covid-19 pandemic ties into and is impacting concepts and topics we have touched on in this course.

For example; globalization, time-space compression, uneven development, flexible accumulation, culture, nationalism, race and racism, social inequality, gender, and social stratification to name a few.

Pick one or two of these or other concepts as your main topics.

As you are writing your essay, please make sure to pay attention to the following:

• Within your discussion you should not only define the terms you use (such as: culture, gender, social stratification etc.); it is also important that you apply these concepts to ethnographic examples from the Guest textbook and other readings.

• Besides the textbook, use examples from the lectures and from your own experiences to demonstrate your understanding of these concepts. In addition, you also need to:

1.   Use a minimum of two source from outside of the class: One that is from academic sources, such as peer reviewed journals, and

2.   one source from reputable newspapers or magazines (NY Times, New Yorker, Washington Post, New Yorker, The Atlantic, Harpers, The New Republic, The Nation, etc.)

Please do not use Wikipedia.

Try not to use direct quotes. When you do use examples or quotes, please provide proper author and page citations.

Do not plagiarize. If you paraphrase other authors words you must properly cite that author. If it is an exact quote it must be in quotations and cited.

Use whatever style your discipline uses (APA, MLA, Chicago). Please provide a works cited page. This will not count towards your overall page count.

• If for personal reasons you do not want to write about the COVID-19 Pandemic please contact me and we can work out an alternative version of the paper.