Guide on what the materials are:

1. Petition to revoke a term of supervised release - 2022

2. Evidence packet of violation materials - Lab Results and Reports - 2022

3. Pre-Sentencing Report from - 2001 conviction

Every person found guilty in Federal Court of a crime, must complete a Pre-Sentencing Report which is a report put together by Federal Probation Office, for the court to use to determine the appropriate sentence for that individual. Once that person as been sentenced to prison and them released, most folks end up on Supervised Release [SR] [federal probation] for a term determined by the Court. During the term of SR the individual must comply with certain mandatory, standard, and special conditions. In the event of a violation, the term of supervised release will be revoked and the individual could be sentenced back to prison....

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FPD PSR_Tool for Spring 2022_NDE.pdf

Based on the Evidence Packet and Presentencing Report provided for you, You have details of the individual's prior criminal history as well as social and medical history, and the most recent Supervised Release Violation Petition and Motion to Revoke.

Following the individual's release from federal prison, said person was placed on Supervised Release [similar to the idea of federal parole] and shortly relapsed into drug addiction, which equates to the condition violation. At the revocation hearing for violating the terms of Supervised Release, the individual was sent back to prison for a term of 11 months and was issued a new term of Supervised Release for at least 3 years.

Based on your global understanding of incarceration and the purpose of corrections in America, do you think the court got it correct in resentencing the individual back to prison rather than alternative solutions for violating the terms of Supervised Release.

What alternatives to incarceration would you recommend in this instance if you believe sending the individual back to prison was the wrong approach.

What does the research from the readings this semester suggest is the correct way of handling situations like this one.