Connecting to Chief Seattle

For the assignment, we will think about the environmental issues covered in the readings and combine these to Chief Seattle's quote regarding the concept that "all things are connected".

This assignment requires writing 3 paragraphs.  Each paragraph must include at least 5 sentences.  Review Lesson 1 “Writing” and Lesson 1 “Identifying the Topic Sentence” before beginning the assignment.

Paragraph 1 will explain your plan and specific practices for how you will involve recycling in your daily life.

Paragraph 2 should explain what specific aspects of the environment will be benefitted by the activities you have included in paragraph 1.

Paragraph 3 will explain the connection of your actions, your recycling to Chief Seattle's quote above and why this is important to you personally.

Be sure to edit carefully and remember that to avoid plagiarism any source(s) used must be credited in MLA format.

Use size 12 Arial font, double line spacing, and indent paragraphs. Submit the assignment in Microsoft Word document file format.