Business Report

Your task: Chose two foreign countries and write a report that will help a U.S firm looking for countries to expand. The purpose of your report is to provide useful information that will help the CEO of company X make his/her expansion decision. You will need to also consider what your company is good/weak at. Take the company?s reason for going global into consideration in your discussion. Length is 8- 10 pages double spaced. Bibliography, table of contents not part of the 10 pages Use the APA format to document your sources Your Guide: You may work alone or partner with one more person for this assignment For your term paper, it is important that you give much thoughts on the country that you recommend to your boss for their international venture. Discuss the country?s history and provide a general background information. You may consider the country?s culture, population, education system ( does the country have skillful workforce?) economic system and the state of the economy of that country. What is that country?s relationship with the USA. does the US have any economic alliance with these countries? Is the country you are recommending in good political terms with the U.S? Now consider the nature of your company?s business, products, mission, etc. and see if there is a fit with your suggested country. Write your essay in a way that is easy for your boss to the use of sub-headings will surely help. This is a business report and not your ordinary term-paper. Refer to the text on how to write a business report. Refer to chapter 11 and 12 on how to write a business report. Document your sources