Retake Assignment 2020-21

Element 2: Inspection Report

Module Leader: Derek S Bruce

28 June 2021 Edition1

Component 2: Inspection Report

Component 2: Inspection Report

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, you are required to use the photographs included as part of this assignment as though you had undertaken an inspection.

The photographs below depict the roof over a single storey stone built extension to an old mill building dating from 1860 and now used as a single dwelling house.  The roof covering only was replaced in the 1930s using plain clay tiles affixed to new replacement timber battens. The photographs below show the current condition of the roof.

The roof elevation shown faces in an Easterly direction.

Photograph 1: Roof Overview 1
Photograph 1: Roof Overview 1
Photograph 2: Roof Overview 2
Photograph 2: Roof Overview 2
Photograph 3: Eaves Detail
Photograph 3: Eaves Detail

Based on the photographic evidence above:

1.  Explain the likely roof detail (internal and external) of the single storey extension (500 words plus drawings);

2.  Appraise the roof defects both likely and apparent based on the photographs and suggest an appropriate and reasoned remedy as to how these defects could be corrected (800 words); and

3.  Solar panels are now regularly seen on all types of property. Appraise the types of solar panel schemes and styles found in buildings that are now used by designers to help reduce carbon footprint (700 words). You may find it useful to use photographs to support your answer.

You must include a final bibliography using Harvard referencing.

The learning outcomes assessed through submitting an individual essay are as noted below:

LEARNING OUTCOME On completion of the module, students will be able to:ASSESSMENT STRATEGY
1.        Develop a knowledge of building inspections or surveys, their scope, processes, procedures and documentationInspection Report
2.        Show awareness of the principles and practice of land, construction and property measurement in relation to a range of real estate scenarios.Inspection Report

Assessment of your submission will be based on the weighted criteria as given below. These comprise both generic and specific Assessment Criteria and relate to your module learning outcomes.

CriteriaMarks available
Communication, Presentation and Report Format: Professional standard presentation; well-structured in line with task requirements; edited and carefully proof read. Clearly and fluently written; written English and grammar competent.15
Referencing and Citation: Accurate use of Harvard referencing; makes extensive, appropriate and accurate use of references to literature in the report.5
Research: Evidence of extensive reading round the subject and a substantive list of relevant references; use of a wide range of literature including academic and professional journals; appropriate use of other reference sources including, but not restricted to, books, journal and publications; appreciation of the quality of literature.15
Understanding and Analysis: Clarity of the layout in the report to provide for a base to impart information in all forms; clear evidence of deep understanding and good grasp of technical knowledge relevant to the brief; demonstrates ability to apply and analyse key information. Able to form judgments based on well researched information. Accurate information portrayed throughout. Reaches to the requirements of the assignment brief.40
Moden Appraisal: Use of high-level research skills across a range of professional, technical and academic media to interrogate a sustainability issue - with reference to solar panels25
Total Marks100

End of Assignment