Assignment/Portfolio Submission

Learners should include this coversheet during their assignment submission.

You are a senior manager in a business unit of a small or medium sized health or social care organisation, with operational management and organisational leadership development responsibilities.

Please select and research an organisation of your choice to identify a research question which is usually a business problem or a research idea and then write a research proposal of minimum 2500 words in length that should cover the key areas of the potential problem or research idea, aims and objectives, proposed methods and methodology to data collection, presentation and analysis and in the end writing recommendation to meet the research objectives or new area of exploration.

Task 1:

Critically evaluate business problems and make use of relevant methods and theory to analyse problems and make appropriate decisions

Guideline word count: 1000 words

A.C. 1.1 – Critically analyse strategic and operational strengths and weaknesses for different organisations in a range of sectors

A.C. 1.2– Critically examine problem structuring methods and apply problem analysis methods and theory to specific business issues and comment on their relevance and usability. A.C. 1.3 – examine relevant decision making tools that can be applied to business problems and comment on their relevance and usability.

Task 2:

Apply different research methods that can provide realistic and applicable outcomes Guideline word count: 500-1000 words

A.C. 2.1 – Make use of research evidence, big data, data analytics and pattern recognition to support business propositions and recommendations.

A.C. 2.2 – Critically identify the requirements of an effective report and the factors that make it compelling for senior and strategic management

A.C. 2.3-2.4 – Produce effective reports that articulate business problems, point to relevant research evidence and provide recommendations

Task 3.

Develop and present persuasive reports on business issues making use of research evidence Guideline word count: 1000-1500 words

A.C 3.1 – Perform literature review
A.C. 3.2 – Create a sample of data from the findings
A.C 3.3 – Apply the suitable methods and statistical techniques to analyse data
A.C 3.4 – Present data and information from findings in suitable format to produce results. A.C 3.5 – Draw conclusions and recommendations from research findings