Relationship between per capita income and Total Covid-19 Cases in US

Assessment Instructions

The number of Covid-19 cases and deaths vary across areas. There might be many determining factors. Your task is to study whether average per capita income is related to the spread of the pandemic. In this research project we use data from US states. As we have no clear theory how income and Covid cases are related, we try to learn from the data. A hypothesis could be that people living in states with higher average income are highly connected via business and trade links and might have a high risk of transmitting the virus. Another hypothesis might be that people in states with higher income might have better living conditions and be safer from the virus. Hence the role of average per capita income is not clear. This assignment asks you to examine this research question.

Specifically, using data on “Per capita personal income x (2020 Q1, Data source: Bureau of Economic Analysis), “Total COVID-19 cases per 100,000” (cumulated up to January 5th 2021; Data source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and “Total COVID-19 related deaths per 100,000” (cumulated up to January 5th 2021; Data source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) you are required to:

  1. Give a brief overview of the topic.
  2. Analyse the data using descriptive statistics and different graphs for income, cases and deaths for the US states.
  3. Compute correlation coefficients between income and cases/deaths. Plot scatter diagrams of income and cases/deaths.
  4. Discuss the results, including an evaluation of the question whether high-income states have more or less Covid-19 cases/deaths than low-income states and anything else you notice.
  5. If you feel that it is appropriate, you may also analyse the data on different regions using different types of graphs or descriptive statistics

The above should be presented in a statistics report, including an introduction and conclusion, with any relevant references collected in a bibliography.

Marking Criteria

The following criteria will be used in evaluating this assessment:

  • Ability to compute descriptive statistics using Excel
  • Ability to produce graphics using Excel
  • Ability to correctly interpret statistical results

Ability to critically evaluate a statistical result and suggest ways to improve i

Referencing: Please adhere to the principles of good academic practice and ensure you reference all sources used when developing your assessment, using the UWE Harvard system.