Supply Chain

Assignment Description

Understanding the role that Third Party Logistic Providers (3PL play in the modern supply chain is an important aspect of valuable industry knowledge and insight. 3PLs have an array of resources that contribute to effectiveness and efficiency in meeting the demands of the supply chain. In this assignment, you will identify key factors related to 3PL companies and the services they provide, their technological capabilities, as well as the industries and customers they serve.

In a Group of 2-3 research any Canadian 3PL (third-party logistics provider), or Global 3PL company that has a Canadian National Division and prepare an 8-12 minute presentation about a specific 3PL company to the class. Introduction of the 3PL Company List of Services Provided Technological Capabilities Customers & Industries Served Careers Offered Assignment Instructions

In Step 1a group of 2-3 choose a 3PL provider from Canada or a Global 3PL company that has a Canadian National Division to create a PowerPoint presentation and present findings on. Ensure with your instructor and classmates that you don’t have the same 3PL provider as another group.

In your presentation provide an introduction that presents a brief overview of the 3PL company name, global or national presence, number of employees, number of offices, background history, etc. Introduction should include: Company Name Global or National Presence Size of Organization (number of offices) Size of Organization (number of employees) Background History Provide a list of services that the 3PL company offers its client.

Choose 3 or 4 services specifically that the company provides and explain what the service is, and how it would add value if you were a potential customer. Below is a list of services commonly provided by 3PL providers: Domestic transportation International Transportation Warehousing Custom Brokerage Freight Forwarding Cross Docking Labelling Kitting & Assembly Freight Bill Auditing Reverse Logistics Consulting Investigate and explain the technological capabilities of the company.

Present the software that is being used to manage the 3PL’s operations, or other technologies that the company has implemented to contribute to operations; such as, RFID, drones or robotics. Identify who the 3PL company list as their customers and/or what industries they serve. Identify 4 or more industries and/or customers they serve.

Describe 3 career types at the specific 3PL company your group has chosen and provide some further details related to job description. If your team can’t find it on the company website, use another resource like a job finding website to find positions that you think they would hire for in that company along with the job description. Determine and provide detailed reasoning on whether or not you would want to conduct business with this 3PL provider? You can use pg. 147 in the text as a reference.