Assignment #4 | Marketing Plan

Due: Monday November 9, by 12:00 PM

Marketing and Location should be completed with BP4 - Marketing Plan � Due Week 9

This section explains how you will connect with your customers to sell your product or service.

It presents.  In addition, it should look at how the business will capitalize on Strengths, correct weaknesses, take advantage of the Opportunities and defend against Threats.

Sections should include:

  • Pricing Strategy;
    • What pricing strategy will you use?
    • How will you determine the price you will charge?
  • Promotional mix;
    • How will you communicate with your customers?
    • Consider paid and free sources (advertising and social media)
    • Consider using the �4M� Approach (Market, Message, Method and Money) for building your plan.
  • Promotional objectives;
    • What do you expect to achieve for pre-launch, Grand Opening and first year?
  • Ideas on how your target customer receives information to purchase;
  • Strategy to build a customer list and to keep in touch with the customers� needs.


It is strongly recommended that you utilize the 4M Approach, discussed in class as a means of developing your marketing plan. Your final submission must include and explanation of the messages and methods you will use to communicate your uniqueness and value to your customers.