ITEC 275

Homework  10

1.   Chapter 12 refers to independent testing labs which can provide useful information about products. Choose one of the labs listed in the text and explain what is available at the website.

2.   Name a few items to keep in mind when planning a live test.

3.   Describe the characteristics of regression testing. In what key way is it different from the other types of tests?

4.   Why is it a good idea to implement part of a prototype system on a test network before implementing it on a production network?

5.   Select a protocol associated with multicasting. Describe its purpose and features.

6.   Queuing and traffic shaping are two techniques that provide QoS (Quality of Service) in a network. Describe how they accomplish this.

7.   What type of queuing technique specifically addresses the situation where voice traffic is travelling over low bandwidth links with other traffic types? How is the voice traffic prioritized with this type of queuing?

8.   Summarize and reflect on this week’s Class/Meet session. In two to three paragraphs of prose (i.e. sentences, not bullet lists), using APA style citations as needed, summarize and interact with the content that was covered for this week using this week’s learning outcomes for reference. In your summary, you should highlight the major topics, theories, practices, and knowledge that were covered. Your summary should also interact with the material through personal observations, reflections, and applications to the field of study. In particular, highlight what surprised, confused, enlightened, or otherwise engaged you. In other words, you should think and write critically not just about what was presented but also what you have learned through the session. Feel free to ask questions in this as well since it will be returned to you with