Module 5- The Rise of Global Corporation

The global economic and social landscape is always changing, which makes it difficult for managers to stay just one step ahead of their competition. In order to succeed in the future, managers need to take a well-rounded approach to their businesses. Here are the main concerns that global managers should be aware of.

Money management..It's nearly impossible for any company or individual on earth not to come into contact with money or other valuables that are worth more than they are at some point in time. Companies that aren't careful about security systems and precautions often fall victim to theft, embezzlement, or outright fraud. These instances can be extremely costly for businesses and require extensive recovery efforts. Some companies opt to hire a closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitoring service to keep an eye on their assets. A CCTV system allows businesses to keep an eye on employees and cash flow while also deterring potential criminals from entering the building.
Marketing strategies..When businesses try too hard to differentiate themselves from their competition, they usually end up alienating their customer base and making it more difficult for them to stay in business over the long term.
Poor teamwork..Sometimes, employees may lose focus on collaboration when they spend a lot of time completing individual tasks. To re-establish teamwork, managers should revisit the purpose of a project. Managers who take the time to acknowledge their team's efforts and clarify the purpose of their work commonly see increased levels of motivation.
In general, overseas managers share common traits with their domestic counterparts. Wherever a manager is hired, he or she needs the technical knowledge and skills to do the job, and the intelligence and people skills to be a successful manager. Selecting managers for expatriate assignments means screening them for traits that predict success in adapting to what may be dramatically new environments.