Recent Research in Psychology

Step One

  1. Find a new article about the latest research going on in the world in psychology (this can include topics such as the brain, perception, personality etc. from your textbook). It must be easy to understand such that any member of the public could read it. NO BLOGS.

The news article should be about some research that was recently done.

You must select article from the links below:

  • Find your news article. This can be anything that you want EXCEPT one that directly tells you whether it is an experiment or correlation.
  • The news article must either be an experiment or correlation or (less likely) naturalistic observation.

4) Put the URL LINK to your article at the top

Step TWO:

  1. You need to write a short summary of what the research is about. You cannot cut and paste any part of your summary from the article and it must be written using your own words. The goal is to think about the major or important points and then summarize the article. DO NOT QUOTE except for words you cannot avoid. For example, I had to use the term "visual word form area." Don't write a book, just enough to convince me to read, watched, or listened to the media source.
  • Say whether you think the study is an experiment or correlation.  IF they tell you what it is in the article do not choose that article.  You must read the article to figure this out and briefly state why you think it is an experiment or correlational study.  (See my example)


  1. your link,
  2. your summary,
  3. and your conclusion about the method used.


See uploaded Example. Just write like that.