Week4 | Asynchronous Discussion Section Assignment

Scenario: You work for the City of Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment. Your boss approaches you and says they re concerned about food security. They ask you to assemble a multidisciplinary task force to start brainstorming possible policy solutions to address this issue. They wonder about the potential of  local food distribution efforts, school meal programs, or the already established program  Fresh Bucks to provide a potential jumping off point, but are eager to hear your unique ideas. Your deliverable to your boss is a 1-page report on the process answering the following questions:

1.  Who was on your task force? Were they from academic, government, or commercial institutions? Did any citizens sit on your task force? Why did you select these members?

2.  Your boss didn t give you very much information about food insecurity in Seattle, so you had to look some up. What other information about food insecurity in Seattle did you look up? Where did you find this information?

a.  Note: you are not actually looking up information about food insecurity in

Seattle. This is to get you thinking about what you might need to know, and how you might figure it out.

3.  As a task force, you decided to start brainstorming ideas, even though you didn t have all the facts yet. What was one policy idea you came up with that could address food insecurity in Seattle? Answer the following questions about your policy:

a.  What is your policy idea?

b.  Who are the actors involved in the policy?

c.   What are some economic considerations involved in this policy?

d.  What are some social considerations involved in this policy?

e.  Who might support this policy idea? Why? f.   Who might oppose this policy idea? Why? g.  Why did you go this route?

What you will turn into Canvas:

You will turn in a 1-page report that answers the questions above. The report should be typed, in 11-12 point font, single spaced. You do not need to do any additional research for this assignment.  These should be whatever ideas you have off the top of your head. We will be grading on if you completed the assignment thoughtfully and thoroughly. See the next page for a rubric.

This is due on to Canvas by Sunday, November 1st at 11:59pm PST.