BUIL1310 Research Methods for the Built Environment


Refer to qual_data_analy_ex1.PDF and Factors analysis.xls



You have been supplied with qualitative data obtained from a survey asking teachers “What major factors lead you into teaching?”. You will find short responses from 125 teachers (123 Respondents in sheet). This exercise is based on that from Indiana University.

“Your task is to read over the responses and determine the factors that seem to predominate. What reasons are included in these responses? You may need to look at closely related wordings from several responses and [1] generate a category name that is not mentioned explicitly.

In the process, you are [2] defining categories. [3] The list of categories that you generate should be both mutually exclusive and exhaustive… After you generate your set of categories [use them to categorize or code the respondents’ reasons]. Sometimes respondents will mention more than one factor. You will need to decide how to handle that.”

Once coded, you will need to decide how to communicate your findings – either as counts (numerical) or as a network of reasons. In the first response, [4] list the categories (or codes) that you generated during the workshops. [DO NOT EXCEED 10 Codes/Categories]

(ii)               FINDINGS [30%] [500 words]

[5] Communicate your findings or conclusions from the analysis carried out on the data supplied. You [6] must use a matrix and/or network and/or graph. Ensure you also include a textual explanation of your findings.

(iii)             DISCUSSION [40%] [300 words]


You are required to write [7] a paragraph to connect the analysis and results to the broader literature of the topic. Concentrate on a high-quality review with depth and focus, rather than trying to cover all areas poorly, and use at least 15 academic references. Try [8] to describe the findings in the context of the existing literature of the topic.


(iv)             REFERENCES [10%]

List the references used in your literature review in HARVARD format. Ensure that they are fully and correctly cited. Ideally you should seek to have more than 15 quality references for this assignment. See the rubric for further details