SCEMV3202 | Task 3 Community Education Poster

The purpose of this task is to gain experience in researching and interpreting scientific information, and presenting it visually, as a poster, at a level that would be suitable for the general public.  So your post should be aimed to inform the general public of human wildlife conflict, rather than be a scientifc poster. Your poster should cover the following aspects of the HWC:

  1. A clear, concise statement of the HWC.
  2. Background about the conflict.
  3. Direct impact on wildlife.
  4. Regulations for mitigation - e.g. by governments, industry, international bodies, non-government organisations (NGOs) such as Green Peace.
  5. Long-term outlook for the wildlife impacted by conflict.
  6. Action that humans could take to reduce the HWC.

Consult the marking rubric for details on marking criteria.

Poster should be produced using powerpoint (or similar) and saved as a pdf.