RMG 200 | Introduction to Retail & Services Management

Ted Rogers School of Retail Management

RMG 200 Intro to Retail & Services Management

Assignment #3 - Retail Finance Exercise (10%)

DUE DATE: October 28th, 2020 @ 11:59pm


  • This is an individual assignment. 
  • You may complete this assignment in excel or by using a calculator.  Calculators are highly recommended, as this is how you will solve these types of questions on the midterm exam. 

  • There are 39 questions (41 marks).  For questions 1-36, answers must have appropriate formatting (e.g., dollar values must have dollar signs, percentages must have percentage signs, all numbers rounded to two decimal places).

  • The assignment has three parts:
    • Part I includes financial data you will need to complete the calculations in Part II
    • Part II will include your results.  Input your answers into cells 1-36.

Part III will include a discussion of your results.


  • Please submit the completed assignment as either a word or excel document (do not submit PDF or pages docs)
  • DUE DATE: Oct. 28th, 2020 @ 11:59pm


Part II: Results

  • Input your answers into cells 1-36 (1 mark each)�
  • Please format your answers properly with dollar signs or percentages as appropriate, and round to TWO DECIMAL PLACES.

Part III: Discussion of Results

  1. Which company has the better overall financial health? (1 mark)
  1. What financial measure(s) did you focus on to determine overall financial health? (1 mark)
  1. For the weaker company, what strategies would you recommend they implement to improve their financial statement? (3 marks -must list at least 3 strategies)

Please type your responses in this area in 12 pt. font. Do not exceed the boundaries.