RES 325 Professionalism Assignment Instructions


Healthcare professionals are expected to behave in a manner that reflects both ethical and professional principles. There are various facets that define professionalism and include, but are not limited to, how we interact with colleagues, patients, and their families. Defining professionalism begins with identifying principles and qualities that are expected from a professional.


Write a page and a half essay (approximately 750 words, 1.5 pages) explaining what professionalism

means to you. In your paper include the following elements:

    Define professionalism.

      Discuss the elements of professionalism covered in the textbook and online content and how they compare to your definition.

    What are the qualities required of a professional?

    Do these qualities differ based on profession?

    Explain the concept of leadership as it relates to professionalism.

    Are these terms synonymous with each other?

      Describe a situation in which you or someone else displayed a lack of professionalism and how the situation should have been handled.

    Relate the elements of professionalism you identified to this situation.

This assignment requires first-hand experience or observation. You may need to implement personal pronouns to describe the example that you include for the third part of this assignment.

Writing Mechanics

   Use a minimum of 2 resources properly cited. This includes citing any images you use.

   Follow APA style for the entire paper.

   Use Times 12-point font, double-spaced text, and indent first line of each paragraph.

   Proofread and correct all errors in capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and spelling.