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You are an employee of Calypso Travel Club, which is a timesharing resort management company. Your position requires that you encourage owner participation and promote travel programs. You are also involved with providing new owners with all the information they need to begin planning vacations and taking advantage of club ownership. One of the first things you send each new owner is a Quick Start Guide. You typically create a mailing once each month, with a welcome letter and the Quick Start Guide. You have prepared that material and are ready to merge the document with a database table of new owners. You will format the letter and the Quick Start Guide to produce a mailing that is both attractive and informative.

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RE:      New Club Ownership

Welcome to Calypso Vacation Club! You are embarking on an unequaled adventure in vacation club ownership with Calypso, the leader in vacation club ownership. With hundreds of resorts worldwide, and dozens of affiliate partners, Calypso offers the ultimate in vacation experiences. We are glad you chose to us!

The following Quick Start Guide will get you started on your travel experiences. Of course, our Vacation Travel Assistants are available weekdays from 9:00-5:00 EST, and just a phone call away at 1-800-555-7192. For even quicker booking and access to online support, visit us at http://calypso.active.com.

Happy travels!

Your Calypso Support Team

Welcome [E1]to the Club! This new owner guide is designed with you in mind. The Calypso Vacation Club is your destination for family fun, exciting travel, and rewarding stays around the world. We are certainly glad you are have chosen to spend your valuable vacation time with us by purchasing {number of points} points in the vacation club. Your purchase means you will be able to choose from over 120 resorts worldwide, all owned and operated by Calypso. You can be assured of excellent and reliable service as we strive to make your vacation dreams come true.

This Quick Start Guide explains the details of your club ownership, including an overview of the points system, pricing, options, and special offers. So dive right in! We look forward to welcoming you at a Calypso resort in the near future!

Explore the World with the Leader in Vacation Club Ownership

For more than 20 years, Calypso Vacation Club has occupied the top spot in the vacation ownership industry, delivering the best in vacation experiences to more than 300,000 owner families globally. And we are very pleased to present our newest vacation program�Calypso Connections�an ownership program based on a simple point-based plan that provides the utmost flexibility, convenience, and affordability. Not tied to a particular property, Calypso Connections enables you to use your points wherever and whenever you choose. You can even carry over points from one year to the next, so you can save up for the trip of a lifetime!


Experience exotic destinations, dream cruises, and more through the Encore Program.

Book a Studio, Townhome, or Cabin with spacious accommodations for a family of just about any size.

Explore hundreds of Calypso-owned resorts worldwide, using your points or Bonus Time.



Vacation Club Points

Owning your own piece of paradise, wherever you want it to be (and it can vary from year to year!) is simple with our points-based approach to club ownership. It is as easy as 1-2-3!

Purchase Points

You know how much you want and how much you can afford. Work with a Calypso Vacation Advisor to purchase just the right amount of real estate interest in Calypso properties.  Here is how it works:

Plan Your Vacation

Use your points like a gift card in a global market. Spend them for stays at any of hundreds of Calypso resorts worldwide or for once-in-a-lifetime vacation experiences.

Take Off!

The world is your oyster. And with Calypso points, you can truly travel it!

The Points System

When you become a Calypso Club owner, you purchase a deeded interest that guarantees you the same number of vacation points each year. As an owner, you are required to pay maintenance fees and annual club dues. With as few as 1,500 points, you can begin your adventure. The table below summarizes our most popular Calypso Points ownership levels.

Table 1: Calypso Points System

Ready to Begin Your Experience?

Along with this Quick Start Guide, you can explore several avenues of information. Visit us online at http://calypso.active.com and check out our FAQ section. Or speak with a vacation advisor at 800-555-7812 for complete assistance in planning your next vacation. We can help you explore options based on your vacation lifestyle and availability.

Destinations Plus

With so many destinations around the world, Calypso Vacation Club can help you manage all of your travel dreams. To make it a bit easier, we have designed themed collections that are easy to book and that just might be exactly what you are looking for.

The World of Calypso

Go where you like, even if that means traveling around the world. Although Calypso might not be exactly where you want to be, we bet one of our affiliate partners will be. And that�s the beauty of The World of Calypso. We can help you plan a globe-trotting vacation, all within the bounds of Calypso�s pricing plans and security features.

Calypso Carnival

Stay close to home�in the United States. You can choose from 128 resorts nationwide, with at least one in every state except Rhode Island. Enjoy the mountains, the beach, or a cityscape. Your choice!


For the more adventuresome set, enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, and all sorts of exploring in our more rustic destinations. From a seven-mile hike and an overnight stay atop LaGrange Mountain in Vermont to a horseback trek through the Red Desert, you can enjoy all that nature (and Calypso!) has to offer.

Bonus Time

Want to plan a vacation but a bit short on points? As a Calypso owner, you can use Bonus Time to book reservations at affordable rates, regardless of the number of points in your inventory. Make your reservations within the reservation window shown in the table below, booking either online or by calling Calypso Vacation Services.

For more information, call 1-800-555-7812.

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