Week 3 Discussion

Points to consider: What knowledge management strategies does your organization deploy? What parallels can you make between the strategies listed in the text and those you observe in your organization? (i.e. replication, modular architectures, economies of substitution, etc…).

This week's instructions:

Once you have drawn parallels, and move toward examples offered in Part 4, please propose a research study you would like to conduct regarding your organization's knowledge management strategy.  Specifically:

THIS WEEK'S POST IS TO BE YOUR FIRST DRAFT OF YOUR PROPOSAL FOR YOUR WEEK 5 PAPER. IN ADDITION TO THE BRIEF INSTRUCTIONS BELOW, YOU CAN REFER TO THE SYLLABUS FOR MORE DETAIL ON THE SCHOLARLY PAPER. It is the only original post required this week. Your classmates and I will comment on your proposal. In Week 4, you will present A REVISED PROPOSAL based on comments received. It is from the week 4 proposal that you will craft your week 5 paper (remember that the complete instructions for the paper are in your syllabus - there are additional sections required in the paper that aren't required for this proposal).

Your proposal should include the following:

Thesis Statement (What's the problem in your organization and how does it tie to the concepts of human capital)?

Research question(s) Try to limit to two 

Procedures: What original research methods do you propose to help you answer your research questions (qualitative, quantitative - interviews, observations, data analysis, etc…). Literature reviews are NOT considered part of the procedures.

Results (proposed findings) Describe what you hope to find as a result of your research (briefly)

Implications for Practice (Discussion and Recommendations) Describe how your research might compare and/or contrast to literature reviewed, and provide possible recommendations based on your research findings. Again, be brief, your can expand on things in your actual paper. 

Please submit a discussion board that answers the questions listed above directly into the discussion board thread. Please be sure to cite specific articles and quotes to support your comments. Your focus for this assignment is directly applying readings to your organizational context. In addition to readings, you are welcome to contribute material and readings that you have gathered on your own. You might also consider institutional documents that illustrate your work. Very motivated students might interview a handful of organizational leaders to gain their perspective on organizational knowledge and the competitive advantage it brings.

My organization is a fire department

Use information from the text below:

Course Materials

Required Text

Choo, C. W., & Bontis, N. (2002). The Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital and Organizational Knowledge, Oxford: New York. 

Paperback:  019513866X

Hard cover:  019515486X