Milestone 4 - Tracking System

This is the instructions for my Module due on September 14th

Describe the current tracking system being used, if any. Create Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of the proposed tracking system entities and their relationships. Create a tracking system and incorporate screenshots that clearly represent data tracked, examples of report(s), forms used, and at least 5 fields recorded in your proposed tracking system recommendation.

Tracking System:

Research current system (if any) in place. Describe in a short paragraph the current system and what is working and what is not working. Include business needs below the current system to describe your findings and new system requirements. Next, create ERD to illustrated proposed new tracking system. Describe in a short paragraph the recommendation of proposed tracking system and give a supportive reasoning statement of why the business should choose this option. In addition, add a Rationale: list of 3-5 bulleted business benefits this tracking system would offer the company. Finally, create tracking system (MS Access one useful tracking system that could be used) to demonstrate to company proposed recommendation and include multiple screen shots of the system. (Screenshots: data entry of new customers, forms, reports that could be generated, customer orders, etc.)