Reference style: APA     12 references required from 2010-2020

Introduction is not required. Kindly answer the headings based on case scenario. You can use I (first person in some sections) and some sections will be written in third person. Case scenario is a snapshot of my reflection, and can be expanded into your liking.


Case Scenario:

I was asked to do a presentation related to bradyarrhythmia in cardiac rhythm recognition workshop to Registered Nurses. It was my first time presenting a formal training workshop outside my ward department. I am extremely anxious and excited. I know the topic really well but not a very good in public speaking. I have very good nurse educator who supported me throughout the process. I believe it is important to know different bradyarrhythmia in the clinical practice. As a RN, ECG recognition is one of the prime responsibilities working in the acute area in the hospital. This can prevent clinical emergencies. I have attached the evaluation summary post-presentation. This has increased my awareness in terms of different nurses who attended the workshop are not working closely to cardiac monitoring. I think in the future I will provide a video presentation of cardiac monitoring showing different bradyarrhythmia.

Description (100 words)

  • Simply describe the teaching or learning activity, what you did. Avoid making judgement.

Feelings (125 words)

  • What were your thoughts and feelings?
  • Relate to your thoughts and feelings on the activities and your ability.
  • Personal reflection is articulate, shows a high level of insight regarding your own feelings regarding the learning activities and your ability.

Evaluation (200 words)

  • What was important, relevant, interesting or useful?
  • For example, did you encounter information sources or ways to develop your teaching that you had not used before?
  • There is strong, well developed evidence of evaluation what worked well and what less so in undertaking the learning or teaching activities.

Analysis (250 words) The literature should be incorporated to support your comments

  • How successful was this experience, for example, in helping develop your knowledge and understanding and why?
  • How will this impact on your future teaching practice (for example on your next learning or teaching episode)?
  • If something went well (or did not go well) review this and consider why?
  • Example: X or Y was useful as this helped me to understand how significant .....

Conclusion (250 words) The literature should be incorporated to support your comments

  • Has your awareness of what you know/don t know/ need to know changed?
  • What did you learn about your knowledge base and your ability to practice safely?
  • Summarise key points, for example: I now realise, I now think. Having read� I now know that, I have improved my knowledge of�..
  • Try to be specific about what you learnt or realised about yourself, give specific examples and try to avoid being too generalised
  • Example: I have learned about ........ (general comment), as compared to�.....I learned ..........which I was not clear about before.

Action plan (250 words) The literature should be incorporated to support your comments

  • List three specific actions to continue to develop your awareness of teaching and learning � can be related to your knowledge or practice.
  • Example � I need to develop skills in ..... I need to confidence to�. I need to work on my presentation and communication skills �..I will study .... I will incorporate.......
  • Provide a rationale supported by the evidenced based literature.