Create and Curate Your Own Art Museum

Option 2: Create and Curate Your Own Art Museum

For this paper, you will select and curate 5-10 works of art to include in your own art museum. Use the text and online sources to help you find these works of art. This assignment is an alternative option for visiting a museum or art gallery. After researching, answer the following questions by writing a 2-3 page report, 750-800 words, that describes your experience.

Select 5-10 works of art from at least five artists from different time periods discussed in the text, the 18th century to modern times. Provide a brief description of each piece and a picture if possible, explaining why you chose each piece.

Describe where and how you would display each piece, whether individually or grouped together. Describe your role as museum founder and curator. Give your museum a name and a location. Use at least the class text as a reference.

Additional sources are fine but not necessary unless required by your content. Your report should include connections you make between things observed in your activity and things learned in the course and text.

Note: The same rubric will be used for both options. In one section of the rubric, you are graded on your discussion of the role of the founder and curator of the museum.