Take Home Assignment

Due Date & Time                                            :           18 August 2020 (Tue), 5pm

Instructions to Students:

1. This assessment carries TWO parts. 

2. Students have to attempt Section I and II, the total mark is 100% and distributed as follows:

Section I: 30 marks each, total 60 marks.

Section II: 40 marks each, total 40 marks.  

3. The word limit for Section I questions are not more than 300 words each, for Section II question is not more than 500 words excluding citations. You must state the total number of words in each question. If the answer exceeds the allowable word limit, only answer within the word limit will be read and marked.

5. You must type the answers in 1.5 lines spacing format printed on A4-size paper with margins 20 – 30 mm. The font should be “Times New Roman” and “12 point”. Start every question with a new page.

6. You must write down the module code and title, your name and student number on the cover page of your assessment.

7. You must submit a soft copy of the assessment to the module leader via Turnitin on Canvas before the deadline at 5pm (Hong Kong Time) on 18 August 2020. Instructions about how to submit work via Turnitin are available from Canvas.

8. You must strictly adhere to the policy of De Montfort University on plagiarism, which is a serious academic offence. Suspected plagiarism may be subject to disciplinary action. You may discuss your work with others, but you must provide your own answers in your own words to avoid any possibility of copying the work of others. Students should note that those who knowingly lend their work to others for the purpose of copying will be treated the same as those who copy.

9. Any sources for your answers should be cited to support your arguments using “Harvard system of referencing”. You can make reference to CANVAS when preparing for your assignments. 

10. Extension to the deadline for submitting the assessment may be granted only in exceptional circumstances. Prior to obtaining any extension to the deadline, you must first approach the module leader well in advance with a reason for the request. The decision to grant an extension is at the discretion of the module leader and is not an automatic right to which the student is entitled. If the assessment is submitted up to 14 days after the deadline or the agreed extension, no mark above 40% will be awarded. Where the assessment is submitted after 14 days following the deadline or agreed extension, the work will receive a zero mark.  


Section I:  Answer TWO OF THREE questions (30 marks each, total 60 marks)

Question 1

“Leadership identifies a process while leader identifies a person.”

Discuss three of the four specific leadership roles that team leaders play in an organization.

Question 2

“Creativity is valued because it helps identify new and viable alternatives that have not previously been considered.”

Discuss why creativity is important to decision making and describe a situation in which a creative solution is used to solve a problem.

Question 3

“Control is the managerial function that allows managers to determine whether organizational goals were met.”

Discuss with examples on the steps for managers to consider in the control process.

Section II: Answer ONE out of TWO questions. (40 marks)

Question 1

Discuss and provide examples on the three different types of external forces that bring the need for organizational change.

Question 2

“Organizational design is the process in which managers change or develop an organization's structure.”

What are the key elements for managers to consider when designing an organization's structure?

End of Paper