1-3 Journal: Healthcare Delivery Systems

Complete the assigned readings for this module and explore additional resources; if searching online, try such keywords as healthcare, facilities, delivery, patient health record, and types of delivery systems. Make note of resources with good information you may wish to draw upon and be sure to capture the details for an APA-formatted citation.

Using what you have learned, write a thoughtful journal assignment accomplishing the following:

  • Discuss the similarities and differences among the various healthcare delivery systems.
  • Explain your experience with healthcare delivery systems, including your first impressions. This experience may be from working in a system, observing a system, or using a system.
  • Finally, identify the system that is most interesting to you as an HIM professional and explain why you find it interesting.

Include at least two references from sources other than the textbook and provide both in-text citations and a reference list in APA format.For additional details, please refer to theJournal Guidelines and Rubric PDFdocument.