2-1 Short Paper: Ethics

Throughout this course, you will play a fictional role as a new HIM coordinator at Mercy Vale Medical Center. This institution has struggled recently with several issues: patient safety, regulatory violations, and financial struggles. The HIM director has told you that he will lean on you to help turn these problems around.

One thing you see is a lack of understanding about AHIMA’s Code of Ethics, as well as business ethics, and how they need to be considered in everyday practice. Considering recent incidents, you are also not sure how well your staff understands the need for a culture of diversity and cultural competence. You decide to put your thoughts down to share with your boss.

Draft a memo in which you propose a brief framework comprising the top five ethical and business values, principles, and guidelines that Mercy Vale Medical Center employees should adhere to in everyday practice. Your framework should also incorporate AHIMA’s position on leadership and its Code of Ethics. Provide examples of the areas in which Mercy Vale’s business ethics have diverged from or agree with AHIMA’s Code of Ethics. Rely on the assigned resources for a solid understanding of these concepts and draw from them—using in-text citations and a reference list in APA style—to support your perspectives.

To complete this assignment, review the Module Two Short Paper Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.