3-1 Discussion: Protecting PHI

Have you ever been involved in a situation in which someone’s sensitive personal health information (PHI) was or could have been revealed inappropriately? Or can you imagine the patient’s reaction in this situation?

In this discussion, you will present strategies and best practices for data creation and use, and evaluate the effectiveness of existing guidelines in protecting patient health information across the healthcare system continuum. You will also consider how government and private entities work together to keep PHI restricted, as it should be.

Frame your response to include these issues:

  • Develop and propose the list of strategies you believe are most impactful for data creation and use.
  • Specifically, explain why these guidelines should be in place—both on the governmental end and within private sector health organizations—to protect PHI.
  • Discuss the role HIPAA plays in protecting PHI within and across the various healthcare systems.

After you have posted your initial response, react to at least two of your classmates’ initial posts. How do their chosen strategies and guidelines align with yours? Does their assessment change yours? Are there any consequences of not protecting PHI that they identified that you had not considered?

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.